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"Mong - Mongkol" changed his life from being unable to walk. To return to living life as usual with your favorite device.

Can you imagine? If the activity you love has taken a toll on your body and changed the course of your life forever…

Mong - Mongkol Paleesak, employee of a private company People who love running And there are ultra trail running competitions that challenge your ability to develop yourself throughout the year. But at the end of 2016, in a tough ultra trail running competition. The course that is considered to be the biggest boss of the western region, within a distance of 59 km. "in front of the finish line", that place has changed the lives of long-distance runners forever.

Jumping in front of Victory to celebrate success But the moment of jumping His leg hit the ground at the wrong time!!

A moment of joy becomes a major health storm of a lifetime. Mong's leg began to hurt more and more. The pain was like a needle stabbing into a muscle without mercy, so friends rushed him to the hospital.

At the end of 2016, he had emergency surgery with symptoms. The bone at the base of the leg was fractured and part of the muscle died (compartment syndrome). Doctors had to amputate 80% of the left tibia muscle in about half a month, undergoing leg surgery 5 times.

“You will never be able to walk again,” said the doctor's medical prognosis.

January 1, 2017, the joyful time of the New Year festival begins. But Mong started over with hope that he still couldn't see a return to normal life. The doctor informed me that my return home date would be in a few days. To recuperate by yourself

“Not ready yet,” he told himself.

Mong returned home on January 5, 2017 with an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis), an accessory device that covers or splints the part of the foot and ankle. To help control the structure of the foot and ankle in the proper position. Ready to start a new chapter in life that is unlike before.

Even though I can't walk again like I used to. And running, my favorite sport, seems almost impossible to return to the competition field. Because even walking was difficult, but Mong began to have some "hope" from the doctor's advice during his third surgery using an AFO device. He didn't wait and quickly searched for information both in Thailand and abroad. And it was found that people with foot drop were able to return to walking and running with such equipment.

Get to know TurboMed XTERN - AFO, the hope of returning to his life.

After searching for information and trying on the general AFO model that the doctor gave her in March 2017, Mong started walking and jogging, but was still not very familiar with the equipment. Until he came across the brand TurboMed And the second set of equipment traveled to Japan to order Turbomed FS3000. and wear it while trekking in the mountains

TurboMed XTERN is a comfortable device. Very flexible It is installed outside the shoe. This eliminates the need to size up shoes. He takes his trusty AFO everywhere, everywhere, whether walking, trekking, or running. So he sets his sights on exercising with the sport he loves again, gradually increasing the distance. Ready to build strong muscles

“At first, the goal was to be able to run. and return to living a normal life as before But when you can do it, gradually Keep moving the target. We want to go back and be able to do things like before. Living the same life as before, but not as extreme as this.”

“The TurboMed XTERN AFO is like a reliable companion. that is with us all the time Makes us more confident in living life We took our equipment to go climbing, walking, cycling, running. We fell and got scraped by rocks from our trekking in Japan. Conquer the highest peaks But it's still strong. and makes us more and more confident in using it Until we can't live without it. And there are many models to choose from that are suitable for everyday use.”

The return of ultra trail runners who is happy with living life as before

Even though life was forever changed by an accident But Mong brought himself back to the point where Able to live life as before (Get your life back) In 2018, it was a year of challenging his physical potential. Mong ran ultra trails in international and domestic events such as Ultra Trail World Tour : ULTRA-TRAIL. Mt.FUJI (UTMF) in the STY race, distance 92K / trail running Ultra Trail World Tour: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), France in the OCC race, distance 57K / trail running event Hakuba International Trail, country Japan, 54K distance, and the year-end competition, Pong Yang Trail PYT100, the first 100 km ultra trail after surgery, with a time of 18:29:06, ranked 50th overall.

This is more effort than trying. The result of never giving up on fate. He stood up and developed his body. Coupled with a trusted device like an AFO, you can get back to your normal life and do what you love, such as ultra trail running. and exercise Until being able to conquer victory in various competitions that was intended with confidence and full of inner strength

big goal Overcome with effort

Of course, after Mong was able to return to life, both walking and running. or do other activities As usual , the "goal" of running, the sport he loves. It was determined again by never-ending effort.

In 2023, an ultra trail running competition in Japan awaits ahead in the ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI (UTMF), a distance of 100 miles, a country that Mon especially loves to watch Mount Fuji in. various perspectives By bringing yourself as close as possible on two legs. and my own two eyes using XTERN Summit: Light & Slim to compete. With a light and thin structure blends in with the body Keep your feet stable and free for trail running.

The only importer of TurboMed XTERN AFO in Thailand.

After becoming a continuous user of AFO and reviews the use of all models of equipment, both among Thai people and foreigners. Including trying out new models. that the company sent This made Mong decide to become an importer in Thailand.

“We see a lot of people suffering from foot drop in Thailand. If everyone knew about AFO, he would have a much better life. and can return to living life as before No need to have difficulty walking. In the past 5-6 years, we have proven that walking, running, and doing activities can be done in the same way as we used to do. and the equipment is durable We've done a lot of rough walking and running. But the equipment is still very strong. Just choose it to suit your own use. What we got back was the same life. It is worth more than the money spent.”

“Over the past 5-6 years, we have personally proven the insertion of every TurboMed XTERN series of devices. and answer the needs of our lives It can be said that it is an indispensable piece of equipment. The durability and strength of the equipment makes us pour our hearts into it. “Confident and trustworthy” in use. Walking 1-20,000 steps per day while scheduling weight training by wearing TurboMed XTERN is comparable to physical activity all the time. For us this is The most effective exercise.”


Authors : Arphawan SPTMR.

Former health website editor who still loves writing about health-wellness People who love running, both road and trail running. Crazy about taking care of your health. It is believed that people in this world meet each other because of fate. And life cannot be without coffee.


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