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Order Turbomed XTERN easily with our team.

You can ask for advice about Turbomed XTERN equipment from our team of professionals who are ready to serve you with a true understanding of your problems.


Fill in information

Because the Turbomed XTERN is a personal device, We need your physical information to order the most suitable equipment for your body size.


Waiting to contact back

to confirm order

The team will summarize your information. and send an order confirmation document back to your email within 3 business days.


Pay the deposit

Once your order is confirmed, please pay a 50% deposit as detailed in the document to allow us to produce your equipment as soon as possible.


Make an appointment to customize your equipment.

If you would like to try on the equipment and let us help customize it to suit you best. You can make an appointment with our team now.


Pay the remaining amount and wait to receive the product.

Once your equipment is complete, you can arrange to pick it up in person. Or wait to receive the product that will be delivered to you via a private shipping company. The product will only be shipped once we have received full payment.

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