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XTERN Frontier

Choose the right equipment size for your body size.

Price 29,900 baht

Material: High quality thermoplastic

Weight: 300 grams

Size: S, M, L

Warranty: 2 year warranty *conditions apply

Equipment in the set

  • Main Brace Body

  • Front Shoe Section "U" Shape

  • Shin Arch Section

  • Shin Pad & Magnet Strap Kit

  • 5 Lace Clips

  • 20 Tie-wrap

  • 3 Screw 5-40

  • 3 Screw 5-40

  • 1 Hex-L-Key 1/16"

Warranty conditions

1. We guarantee only parts of equipment that are broken and damaged from normal use. The list of equipment parts is as follows.

    1.1) Main Brace Body

    1.2) Front Shoe Section "U" Shape

    1.3) Shin Arch Section

2. The warranty period starts from the date the customer receives the equipment for a period of 2 years.

3. Guarantee for TURBOMED products sold by Smart Step Solution Company Limited only **

4. No warranty on deterioration due to use such as Shin pad & Magnet strap kit, Lace Clip, Tie-wrap.

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