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XTERN Series

TurboMed and can respond to a wider range of applications, consisting of XTERN Classic, XTERN Summit, XTERN Frontier


Model Comparison

Each XTERN model responds to different uses. Users can choose the model that is responsive. Whether it is normal use, adventure activities or users who have weakness in their arms as well.


XTERN Classic

Think outside the shoe

With the idea of not wanting the device to come into contact with the body. This causes the device to be installed outside the shoe. Can be easily removed and replaced with shoes. Suitable for everyday use.

XTERN Summit

Light & Slim

It has been developed to be lighter, smaller in size. , has more strength and flexibility Suitable for adventure activities that require angle and strength.


XTERN Frontier

Comfortable & Easier

It is designed to make it easier to wear the device. Suitable for users who also have weakness in their arms. (Stroke patient)

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