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XTERN Series comparison

Each model of XTERN has different characteristics.

Model comparison table_v6-01.jpg

XTERN Classic

  • ·100% Dynamic AFO / suitable for walking, various movements

  • ·Conforms to uneven ground and slopes / is flexible Can be used on sloping areas.

  • ·External shoe / equipment installed outside the shoe Make sure you don't touch your feet. This eliminates the need to reserve a shoe size.

  • ·No skin contact / The device does not come into contact with the body. Reduce irritation from equipment

  • ·Fast transfer / Using the Lace clip, the device can be easily moved to the shoe.

  • ·High quality thermoplastic / equipment made from high quality thermoplastic


XTERN Summit

  • Light & Slim / Light and thin construction Makes it blend in with the body and not stand out.

  • 25% lighter than Xtern Classic / 25% lighter (approximately 250g)

  • 18% more dorsiflexion power / foot flexion power increased by 18%

  • More strength & more flexible / stronger but also more flexible

  • Can adjust front size for various shoe / can adjust front length for a variety of shoes

  • New design strap / new style strap Longer service life

  • Release Oct’22 / Sales start October 2022


XTERN Frontier

  • Designed for patients with reduced dexterity and hand mobility such as stroke patients / Designed for stroke patients who have weakness in both their legs and arms.

  • Easy rear entry / easier to wear Can be inserted from the back.

  • Magnetized velcro strap / new style strap Easier to put on and take off

  • 25% more medio-stability / has more stability, has support shafts on both left and right sides

  • Release Jan’23 / Sales start January 2023

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