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Asia Oceanian congress of neurorehabilitation (AOCNR 2023)

In this world, there are always new things happening. Whether it is a matter of knowledge Medical advances or new innovations Including medical equipment Especially in the field of rehabilitation medicine that can be developed and answer the needs of patients even more

At the end of the year 2023, the International International Conference has organized The 5th ASIA OCEANISSS of Neurorehabilitation at the True Iconsiam Hall. Thailand Thai Association for Rehabilitation Medicine Neurorehabilitation Club The Asia Oceanian Society of Neurorehabilitation (AOSNR) and World Federation for Neurorehabilitation (WFNR) In which 600 doctors from both Thailand and doctors from all over Asia attended the meeting, such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea.

“This AOCNR 2023 meeting is considered an important forum that brings together many medical professionals who are experts in neurological rehabilitation medicine.”

In addition to the academic conference There will also be an exhibition that focuses on innovation and cooperation that will help improve the quality of life for patients. Our booth is one of those that want to help and improve the daily life of patients. Including low impact exercise to extreme sports that will give patients new experiences. Because there are many types of patient groups, such as having Foot drop since birth or an accident. causing life to be halted in the middle Make daily life not as usual. Our devices can make everyday life more convenient and provide a better quality of life.

The format of this meeting Focused on innovation and collaboration that will help improve the quality of life for patients with neurological diseases, experts, researchers, and medical professionals. will be able to share knowledge and various experiences together at this event

This round also received interest from doctors from various institutions, both hospitals throughout Thailand and Asia. Some Rehab doctors have already seen and tried wearing the equipment. But some of you have never seen it before. Because it is a new AFO device and has been developed to another level. which can meet the user's needs more than traditional AFOs that are both rigid and less flexible.

When the doctors tried it on, they were interested in our device. and can be an alternative for patients with foot drop and other symptoms that affect daily life We want it to be another option that will help patients return to living a more comfortable and better life.

“As for the frequently asked questions, what about attaching the clip? Will it be difficult? Will the patient be able to do it? Actually, it's not as difficult as you think. All it takes is for the patient to have appropriate shoes to attach the clips to. Then thread the cable ties through the clips and shoe holes in the appropriate positions.   Tighten it tightly. To make the clip and shoes more stable, you can now use them. If stuck, what is the problem? We have a support team and give advice.”

In addition to Xtern classic  There are also two new models of equipment: Xtern summit and

Xtern Summit => Light & Slim, Strong & Flexible

The material is made of thermoplastic and carbon fiber. This makes it 25% lighter, increases the foot's power by 18%, and is stronger and more flexible as well. "This model has been used for running the CCC 100K at UTMB. It is guaranteed to be light and strong."

Xtern Frontier => Easy & Stable 

Made from thermoplastic material, lightweight, easy to wear, more convenient. Comes with a new strap. No need to cock the device shaft. And because there is an axis on both the left and right sides, it feels more stable. "Answers the needs of elderly patients. or stroke patients who have weakness in both their legs and hands."

Today, medical advancements in regenerative medicine have been very successful. Many patients have regained hope. and have better quality through medical research, technology, and the expansion of knowledge in various fields And we are very pleased to help patients have a better quality of life.

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