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Feature & Benefits

Advantages of the Turbomed XTERN device

  • Exoskeleton Design Fits onto the Outside of the Shoe

    • The device is designed to be on the outside of the shoe. This makes it unnecessary to reserve a shoe size.

  • No Skin Contact with Foot or Ankle

    • The device does not come into contact with the feet or ankles.

  • Energy Return due to patented design

    • The force transmission mechanism is patented. 

  • Easily Conforms to Uneven Ground and Slopes

    • flexible Can be used on sloping areas.

  • Highly Durable Thermoplastic (2 year warranty)

    • Made from high quality thermoplastic material (2 year warranty)

  • Heat Adjustable (to change width and dorsiflexion strength)

    • Can be adjusted in size by heat.

  • Easily Transferable from Shoe to Shoe

    • Easy to remove and use with other shoes.

  • Symmetrical Design, Fits both Right & Left Foot

    • Symmetrical design fits both right and left feet.

  • Easily Positioned to Invert or Evert the Foot if Required

    • Designed to make it easy to turn the ankle in and out.

    • Suitable for many types of shoes. and easily installed

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